City Orders Removal of Top Floor of 68th Street Townhouse

Townhouse before and after the addition, which must now be removed

excerpted from The Wall Street Journal, May 4, 2010

A Manhattan townhouse owner is being forced to do something few, if any, New York homeowners have ever done before: tear down a top-floor addition to a building to comply with city landmark regulations.

The Landmark Preservation Commission decided in March that a sixth-floor addition to the building at 12-13 West 68th St. was in violation of landmark rules. The building’s owner has begun taking steps to remove the entire floor, according to a commission official.

How that new floor ever got approved and constructed in the first place is just one of the many disputes surrounding this $10 million property that is causing a ruckus on the West Side by the neighborhood’s preservation advocates.

The demolition of the townhouse’s sixth-floor addition could be the first time the city forced a building owner to destroy part of the property for what amounts primarily to aesthetic considerations.

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One response to “City Orders Removal of Top Floor of 68th Street Townhouse

  1. Wow. We’ve got so many things to work on
    in this area, why are they wasting their time
    of what appears a TASTEFUL improvement?
    It doesn’t look bad. Maybe even better than before.
    I know it’s against the law, but to subject an owner
    to the enormous expensive of removing…maybe
    time would be better spent working on some of
    the other problems in the area.
    Like the excessive tour bus problem we are experiencing
    at West 72/CPW/Columbus each weekend parked
    and double parked at our city bus stops and all over
    and no enforcement seems to exist. 40 buses each
    Sat. and Sun. is a huge problem.

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