Local Buzz, 5/15

16 Bronze Beauties Alight on Broadway
Wall Street Journal

Bike Lane Rebuffed, For Now
West Side Spirit

New Taste of the UWS, May 21 & 22

Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District

Upper West Side 2010 Street Fair Guide
Westside Independent

…and since it’s bike month in NYC:
UWS Commuter Breakfast: Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Riverside Park S. at 68th Street
Bike to Work along the Hudson River Greenway and enjoy breakfast goodies from the Upper West Side Street Renaissance Campaign.

Additionally, a message came in from Fran Apgar of the 73rd Street Block Association, who would like to create awareness of illegal tour bus congestion in the neighborhood on the weekends:

We are having a mini disaster here with a huge volume of tour buses. Saturday and Sunday, we have 40+ buses each day at these intersections and, frankly, this area nor any area in NYC can handle this volume of tour buses. Something must be done to alleviate the situation.

I am working with Beverly Smith (Beverly.Smith@NYPD.org) who is with the Transportation Dept and she says they are going to issue tickets/summons. The tour bus people say they will pay it, and continue. She has called some of the dispatchers of the bus companies, and this might help somewhat. I am also talking with Corey Peterson at Stringer’s office (cpeterson@manhattanbp.org) who is trying to help.

At the heart of the matter, is WHERE can this volume of tour buses be directed to park? Right now, they are parked and double parked all over this area including our NYC bus stops to the point that our NYC buses have to load and unload in the middle of the street. This is illegal. However, no enforcement exists.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for how to alleviate this problem, please be in touch with Fran at frnapg@aol.com. She would greatly appreciate any assistance with phone calls and/or letters requesting change and enforcement.

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