The West 68th Street Block Association has been in existence since the 1970s, when it was formed to spearhead initiatives to add trees to the block, and manage a community garden. The organization’s purpose is to foster and promote a better quality of life for our community. Membership is open to all residents and business owners on the street. We hold annual beautification events to plant flowers in the tree pits lining the street, as well as other social events.

We hope this blog will serve as a central location for sharing all that we love about the block as well as ways to continue to improve it.


3 responses to “About

  1. demi manos

    Hi my name is Demi lived at 2o west 68st about a year ago.. for a year and a half and absolutely loved it..it is an amazing neighbourhood and still in my heart ! Would love to come back ..my husband planted some plants at the front of the nature strip all the way near the park ..this might be the same people that donated the plants..not sure ..We really miss NY..We are now living back in Melbourne Australia..we did take something home from NY..our gorgouse son.. was born at Mt Siani..anyway wanted to have updates on the street ,will join on face book…this is great.

    • MJK

      Hi Demi and all, I am considering buying into a coop…60 West 68th St and would like to know something informally about the atmosphere of the block and even the building. I am a retiring independent, but friendly professional looking for a friendly, hassle-free neighborhhod and building. Happy to find your association. If anyone would share thier opinions and experiemces, I would appreciate it. MJK

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